Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wonder of Wonders - Numerology in Dates/Timings

Wonder of Wonders

Date/Time in consequence of numbers

Numerology is known as study of numbers as supposed to show future events. This aspect is also noticed in the numbers denoting dates, months and years in the Calendars. The study of Numerology is the food and fodder to Numerologists who are at times more than Astrologers.

The numerologists believe that the dates coming in a series are generally contradictory and affects the universe. 

For example -  number ONE is aggressive; TWO is melancholic but emotional and THREE is the number for good communication skills. 

1991, 2002
1.2.3 (1903)
1.2.3 (2003);
4.5.6 (2006)

Western numerologists celebrated (1.2.2003 - January 2, 2003)the numerological wonder as they denote month before date.

Next numberical Wonder of date/month/year will happen after 1453 years on February 1, 3456 (1.2.3 - time 4.5.6).  On this day when the time would be 7.8.9, the counting would be complete from one to nine digits.

Others :

6 July 1989 (6.7.89); 9 September 99 (9.9.99);
1 January 1 (1.1.1); 2 February 2 (2.2.2); 3 March 3 (3.3.3).

The next date of wonder will be perhaps - 11 December 13 (11.12.13);

So, Whether anything in thenature of Contradiction will happen which may affect Universe?

Let us watch on 11.12.13 (2013)!


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