Sunday, March 17, 2013

Success Tips - Manage Time – Achieve Goals

Success Tips

Manage Time – Achieve Goals

1.       Take your hobbies seriously. Whatever they are, enter into them wholeheartedly.  Become an expert.  The best way to refresh your mind, to give it a new cutting edge, is to work hard at your hobbies.

2.       Make your will the master of your body in small things and when you want something big it will not be difficuult for you to get it.

3.       Always be ready to learn.  However knowledgeable and experienced you may be, you can still learn something new.

4.       Keep your senses sharp and your mind awake for the message they send you.  Become aware of change and development.  Sometimes small innovations evolve into important future development.

5.       Learn a new skill.  You might connect this with your main hobby or with your work.  The mind and the body are one.  To master a physical skill you need to develop a disciplined, lively mind to direct  your hands and feet the way they should go.

6.       Use your imagination. Try to work and things on your own.  Try to invest the machine in your mind.  Then seek out the facts to check your imagination.

7.       Be observant.  Notice what is going on both in your world and in the world of great events.  Use all your five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell & taste, to acquire more knowledge of your surroundings.

8.       An alert, attentive mind gives you the means of improving yourself, for it demonstrates your intelligence and enables you to see and grasp opportunities that a less lively mind would not spot.

9.       Alert can handle difficult work, arrive quickly at decisions and produce more.  They do not put things off. 

10.   Learn to face fight the hard experiences; Physically or mentally, or both.

11.   What is holding you back? If you have a “Grasshopper Mind” you know that this is true.  And you know why it is true.  Even the blazing sun can’t burn a hole in a piece of tissue-paper unless its rays are focussed and concentrated on one spot.

12.   Follow complete programme conscientiously for a few months, and you will develop a new mental freshness, giving you the ability to make full use of your powers.

(The above hints on “Manage Time – Achieve Goals” were part of theme for the Executive Diary 2012 published by one of the Standard Brands as Annual Publication)

                They are worthy to follow and achieve the success by one and all.

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